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  •   Dear Friends – Queen Yuna Kim fans! Let’s together congratulate our beloved Yuna Kim deserved reward; “The best advertising model of South Korea in 2014″ !!! Yuna Kim is the best! Forward to victory! Yuna Kim – You’re not alone! Yuna Kim – always in my heart! With respect and love of thousands of miles of Kazakhstan Kairat Aldabekov! ****************************************************************************** Дорогие Друзья – фанаты Королевы Юна Ким! Давайте дружно поздравим Нашу Любимую Юна Ким с заслуженной наградой; “Лучшая модель рекламы Южной Кореи 2014 года”!!! Юна Ким лучше Всех! Вперед к Победам! Юна Ким – Ты не одинока! Юна Ким –…
  •   05 SEPTEMBER 2014 Our Dearest Kim Yuna, Have a Blessed and Joyful 24th birthday. May this day bring you happiness and tranquility. Wishing you all the best in your new journey in life. Your friends and fans from all corners of the earth will always cherish the memories of your brilliance, simplicity and kindness. An inspiration to all and a humble human being with a heart of gold. Your legacy that brought us all together will remain forever in our hearts. Let us raise our glasses and honor our Queen Yuna! HIP-HIP HORRAY! HIP-HIP HORRAY! HIP-HIP HORRAY! CHEERS TO ALL!…
  •   Yuna, Happy 24th birthday to you! You are my true queen and the real champion. Long Live the Queen! I love you forever!
  •   For Me, Yuna Kim – it all: and Korea, and Sport, and Love!
  •   Yuna, thank you so much. I think I will re-live your entire life and journey as a skater for so many times in the future to inspire me. It is such a beautiful memory to watch your competition as a fan.
  •   Dear. Yuna Hi There! My name is Jonh Joseph Villaruel from Southeast Asia Philippines. Although the gold medal is in the hands of Adelina Sotnikova, it will never be for a long time. Because it was not the result of hard work but of politics in figure skating. What makes you, Kim Yuna, above Adelina Sotnikova is that whether you have that gold medal or not you will always be the “Ice Queen” and that “Crown” is solely yours. They will have to abolish the figure skating world before they could take away everything. As long as there is figure…
  •   Hi there Kim Yuna! My name is Jonh Joseph Villaruel from Philippines. My first name is really spelled this way “Jonh”. It was a typographical error in my birth certificate. At first I really hate my name because I know its misspelled. So what I did during my academic years, I would always spell my first name as “John” to make it right. However, when I was in college and I was already a graduating student at that those times, I just simply discovered that it was expensive to legally re-arrange my name. Since my family did not have enough…
  •   Dear Yuna, i pray that you continue to stay strong in everything that you do. May you find yet another dream that you can put your heart and soul into. I am sorry that there are evil people in the world who are so selfish, corrupt and have zero morals, who would do anything in their power to get what they want. Just remember, there is a God in heaven and HE SEES ALL.
  •   HE sees the good and evil in everyone, so although it may be painful and difficult, rest in the fact that there will be a day of reckoning for all of us. I have been your fan for several years now, and as you can probably tell, i am more upset with all of this than you are. And that is one of the things that makes you the most admirable among so many others.
  •   You have such a good heart and that is the BEST part of you. Nurture that heart coz that is what REALLY matters. Continue to not hold any bitterness towards anyone. Just leave that to us, fans… hahaha.. Stay as loving, kind, humble, meek and compassionate as you are, because in the end Yuna, that is all we will be accounted for.
  •   Thank you for staying strong and courageous throughout this whole journey. To the very end, you acted like the TRUE CHAMPION that you are. You are undeniably the best role figure any aspiring athlete could have. May you continue to shine in everything that you put mind into. We will always be here behind you, backing you up in prayers and support in any way we can. All the best, our dear Yuna. You will always be loved. – smitten
  •   Friends, fans of Kim Yuna! I signed the petition to protect the Queen! Subscribe and you! Click on this link:
  •   Feliz día internacional de la mujer Yuna Kim. Happy international woman’s day Yuna Kim
  •   Stay simple and happy!! We love you for it! Soar high, Yuna!!
  •   Your legacy will surely live on in the hearts of those whom you have touched!! You will be remembered for a very LONG, LONG time…
  •   The world will never see another skater like you. You only come ONCE in history, Yuna. Thank you for making your life count!
  •   May you continue to use your influence to help the plight of the poor and underprivileged. You are TRULY a gift, not only to Korea, but to humanity as a whole..
  •   Thank you for all the sacrifice you did not only for your country but for the young korean skaters who look up to you so highly. They are blessed to have a friend/older sister like you. Your efforts will never be in vain, Yuna! Thank you!
  •   Enjoy the bright future ahead!! Thank you for the privilege of witnessing you through your journey. You are one of the BEST CHAMPIONS this world has ever seen and NOBODY can change that!!
  •   Dear Yuna, i pray that you continue to stay strong in everything that you do. May you find yet another dream that you can put your heart and soul into. I am sorry that there are evil people in the world who are so selfish, corrupt and have zero morals, who would do anything in their power to get what they want. Just remember, there is a God in heaven and HE SEES ALL. HE sees the good and evil in everyone, so although it may be painful and difficult, rest in the fact that there will be a day…
  •   Дорогие друзья! Я внес фото видео, которые уже стали историей! Историей маленькой девочки, которая покорила весь мир и наши сердца! Маленькая девочка, которая отдала спорту 18 лет своей жизни! Девочка, которую мы любим! Эта девочка подарила нам минуты, часы и годы радости, волнения, тепла и счастья! За свою спортивную карьеру она покорила четыре главнее вершины фигурного катания, которые хотят завоевать все, но удалось лишь нашей девочке! Это Олимпиада, это Чемпионат Мира, это Турнир 4 континентов, это Финал Гран-При! И только этой маленькой девочке удалось покорить 4 главные вершины спорта! И конечно Чемпионат Республики Корея! Она единственная спортсменка, которая занимала призовые…
  •   THANK YOU KIM YUNA! You are A GREAT SOURCE OF INSPIRATION, a LADY of DEEP HUMILITY and AN UNENDING GRACE IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. You are a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING WITH A HEART OF GOLD! The unfortunate will always have an ANGEL to lean upon. For such a young lady who accomplished so much in a short period of time in both sport and humanitarian endeavors, you are indeed A GIFT TO MANKIND. THANK YOU KIM YUNA, for the MEMORIES OF YOUR BRILLIANCE, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND HUMBLE STAR FOR ALL TIMES. ALL THE BEST TO YOUR NEW…
  •   Yuna, thank you for being my inspiration. You are truly the Queen. Congratulations for winning silver! But in our hearts, you will always be our Gold. Saranghaeyo Yuna Kim~ Hwaiting! You’ve made as all proud. History in the making, forever our Queen.
  •   Congrats again Yuna!!! You cleaned Both times in Two Olympics!!!
  •   Congrats to Yuna!!! the world’s first All Podiums !!! @ㅁ@
  •   Yuna, tu siempre estarás en mi corazón y en mi alma, estoy muy orgulloso de tí, no tengo palabras para describir tu último programa competitivo, eres una gran inspiración para muchos de los patinadores e incluso fuera del patinaje artístico porque tienes un gran espiritu de humildad y un gran corazón. Que Dios te bendiga en toda las decisiones que hagas, también en los caminos que tomes, siempre serás la campeona Olimpica y del mundo también. Muchas felicidades Yuna Kim, siempre seré tu fan dentro o fuera del hielo, saludos desde México. -Jorg Alain B.R.
  •   Yuna, in our hearts, you will always be the Gold Medalist regardless of what scores those judges gave you. We are ENORMOUSLY proud and THANKFUL of you. Thank you for doing what you did, when you could have just rested and lived a comfortable life the past few years. Thank you for coming back to skate for you and for the next generation of skaters in Korea.
  •   You will always be the greatest CHAMPION i have ever known in and out of ANY sport. God bless you and all your future undertakings. We will always be SO PROUD of you. THANK YOU.
  •   Yuna, you are the greatest figure skater in the world!!!!! Winning is not everything for me. It’s your magnificent performance that matters to me. A true champion with a beautiful soul—– YUNA KIM!!!! We love you Queen Yuna!

[Emergency relief for the Ebola crisis] UNICEF goodwill ambassador Yuna Kim’s message



Olympic Champion and “Figure Skating Queen“ Yuna Kim named PyeongChang 2018 Games Ambassador launching a new iconic role to promote the Olympics


The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG, President Yang-Ho Cho) appointed world famous gold medal Olympian and “Figure Skating Queen”Yuna Kim as Games Ambassador on November 4th, in Seoul, Korea.
The newly appointed POCOG Games Ambassador willbe a great asset as she will play a high profile role promoting the Games and engaging the public as she participates in major domestic and international events. Queen Yuna will also be an active participant in the POCOG on-line promotion and advertising reaching out to the youth.
Yang-Ho Cho, POCOG president stated, “As a Games Ambassador for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, we expect her to take the lead in promoting the Games to the world.”
Yuna Kim said, “The memories that I made with the Bid Committee are still fresh in my mind. With these memories in stow I am excited to bring the same passion and commitment with me to this new role with the Organizing Committee.”
A longtime supporter,Yuna Kim has a special and unique relationship with the PyeongChang 2018 Games and she will bring that passion and commitment to her new position. In 2009, Yuna Kimwas very active in her role as a Games Ambassador for the Bid Committee and was present on a number of trips during the campaign. Her role eventually took her to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Durban, South Africa in 2011 as one of the presenters for PyeongChang when the city was selected as the host city for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.
Yuna’s participation did not end in Durban, as she is currently an active executive board member for the PyeongChang Organizing Committee and has stayed involved with the progress of the preparations.
As a women’s figure skater and an exemplary athlete, Yuna has many notable achievements and always placed in the top 3 positions for forty consecutive competitions until her retirement after the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. In addition to this she holds the record as the first woman figure skater ever to achieve the Grand Slam by winning gold medals in all four major international competitions to include the 2010Olympic Winter Games, 2009 and 2014 ISU World Championships, 2009 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships, and the 2006 and 2007 ISU Grand Prix Final. Her stellar performances in all these events and her dedicated work with a number of humanitarian organizations have made her the living legend and compelling role model that she is today.
As the 6th Games Ambassador for the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Yuna Kim joins the ranks the following notable Games Ambassadors;Shin-sooChoo(Major League Baseball Outfielder), Sue-jin Kang (Artistic Director at Korean National Ballet, Principal Dancer at Stuttgart Ballet), Oisoo Lee (Novelist), Byung-ha Kwon (President of World Federation of Oversees Korean Traders Associations) and Sejong Soloists (Orchestra).

Yuna Kim appointed honorary ambassador for 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

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Yuna Kim Wins 2014 Korea Advertisers Association Good Model Award

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Yuna Kim participates in the KB Rock Star Talk Concert

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Yuna Kim Facebook reaches 3 Million likes!

Congratulations, Yuna heart


Yuna Kim FB

Yuna Kim attends a fan signing event for Samsung workers and their families

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