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  •   Yuna, thank you so much. I think I will re-live your entire life and journey as a skater for so many times in the future to inspire me. It is such a beautiful memory to watch your competition as a fan.
  •   Dear. Yuna Hi There! My name is Jonh Joseph Villaruel from Southeast Asia Philippines. Although the gold medal is in the hands of Adelina Sotnikova, it will never be for a long time. Because it was not the result of hard work but of politics in figure skating. What makes you, Kim Yuna, above Adelina Sotnikova is that whether you have that gold medal or not you will always be the “Ice Queen” and that “Crown” is solely yours. They will have to abolish the figure skating world before they could take away everything. As long as there is figure…
  •   Hi there Kim Yuna! My name is Jonh Joseph Villaruel from Philippines. My first name is really spelled this way “Jonh”. It was a typographical error in my birth certificate. At first I really hate my name because I know its misspelled. So what I did during my academic years, I would always spell my first name as “John” to make it right. However, when I was in college and I was already a graduating student at that those times, I just simply discovered that it was expensive to legally re-arrange my name. Since my family did not have enough…
  •   Dear Yuna, i pray that you continue to stay strong in everything that you do. May you find yet another dream that you can put your heart and soul into. I am sorry that there are evil people in the world who are so selfish, corrupt and have zero morals, who would do anything in their power to get what they want. Just remember, there is a God in heaven and HE SEES ALL.
  •   HE sees the good and evil in everyone, so although it may be painful and difficult, rest in the fact that there will be a day of reckoning for all of us. I have been your fan for several years now, and as you can probably tell, i am more upset with all of this than you are. And that is one of the things that makes you the most admirable among so many others.
  •   You have such a good heart and that is the BEST part of you. Nurture that heart coz that is what REALLY matters. Continue to not hold any bitterness towards anyone. Just leave that to us, fans… hahaha.. Stay as loving, kind, humble, meek and compassionate as you are, because in the end Yuna, that is all we will be accounted for.
  •   Thank you for staying strong and courageous throughout this whole journey. To the very end, you acted like the TRUE CHAMPION that you are. You are undeniably the best role figure any aspiring athlete could have. May you continue to shine in everything that you put mind into. We will always be here behind you, backing you up in prayers and support in any way we can. All the best, our dear Yuna. You will always be loved. – smitten
  •   Friends, fans of Kim Yuna! I signed the petition to protect the Queen! Subscribe and you! Click on this link:
  •   Feliz día internacional de la mujer Yuna Kim. Happy international woman’s day Yuna Kim
  •   Stay simple and happy!! We love you for it! Soar high, Yuna!!
  •   Your legacy will surely live on in the hearts of those whom you have touched!! You will be remembered for a very LONG, LONG time…
  •   The world will never see another skater like you. You only come ONCE in history, Yuna. Thank you for making your life count!
  •   May you continue to use your influence to help the plight of the poor and underprivileged. You are TRULY a gift, not only to Korea, but to humanity as a whole..
  •   Thank you for all the sacrifice you did not only for your country but for the young korean skaters who look up to you so highly. They are blessed to have a friend/older sister like you. Your efforts will never be in vain, Yuna! Thank you!
  •   Enjoy the bright future ahead!! Thank you for the privilege of witnessing you through your journey. You are one of the BEST CHAMPIONS this world has ever seen and NOBODY can change that!!
  •   Dear Yuna, i pray that you continue to stay strong in everything that you do. May you find yet another dream that you can put your heart and soul into. I am sorry that there are evil people in the world who are so selfish, corrupt and have zero morals, who would do anything in their power to get what they want. Just remember, there is a God in heaven and HE SEES ALL. HE sees the good and evil in everyone, so although it may be painful and difficult, rest in the fact that there will be a day…
  •   Дорогие друзья! Я внес фото видео, которые уже стали историей! Историей маленькой девочки, которая покорила весь мир и наши сердца! Маленькая девочка, которая отдала спорту 18 лет своей жизни! Девочка, которую мы любим! Эта девочка подарила нам минуты, часы и годы радости, волнения, тепла и счастья! За свою спортивную карьеру она покорила четыре главнее вершины фигурного катания, которые хотят завоевать все, но удалось лишь нашей девочке! Это Олимпиада, это Чемпионат Мира, это Турнир 4 континентов, это Финал Гран-При! И только этой маленькой девочке удалось покорить 4 главные вершины спорта! И конечно Чемпионат Республики Корея! Она единственная спортсменка, которая занимала призовые…
  •   THANK YOU KIM YUNA! You are A GREAT SOURCE OF INSPIRATION, a LADY of DEEP HUMILITY and AN UNENDING GRACE IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. You are a WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING WITH A HEART OF GOLD! The unfortunate will always have an ANGEL to lean upon. For such a young lady who accomplished so much in a short period of time in both sport and humanitarian endeavors, you are indeed A GIFT TO MANKIND. THANK YOU KIM YUNA, for the MEMORIES OF YOUR BRILLIANCE, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL AND HUMBLE STAR FOR ALL TIMES. ALL THE BEST TO YOUR NEW…
  •   Yuna, thank you for being my inspiration. You are truly the Queen. Congratulations for winning silver! But in our hearts, you will always be our Gold. Saranghaeyo Yuna Kim~ Hwaiting! You’ve made as all proud. History in the making, forever our Queen.
  •   Congrats again Yuna!!! You cleaned Both times in Two Olympics!!!
  •   Congrats to Yuna!!! the world’s first All Podiums !!! @ㅁ@
  •   Yuna, tu siempre estarás en mi corazón y en mi alma, estoy muy orgulloso de tí, no tengo palabras para describir tu último programa competitivo, eres una gran inspiración para muchos de los patinadores e incluso fuera del patinaje artístico porque tienes un gran espiritu de humildad y un gran corazón. Que Dios te bendiga en toda las decisiones que hagas, también en los caminos que tomes, siempre serás la campeona Olimpica y del mundo también. Muchas felicidades Yuna Kim, siempre seré tu fan dentro o fuera del hielo, saludos desde México. -Jorg Alain B.R.
  •   Yuna, in our hearts, you will always be the Gold Medalist regardless of what scores those judges gave you. We are ENORMOUSLY proud and THANKFUL of you. Thank you for doing what you did, when you could have just rested and lived a comfortable life the past few years. Thank you for coming back to skate for you and for the next generation of skaters in Korea.
  •   You will always be the greatest CHAMPION i have ever known in and out of ANY sport. God bless you and all your future undertakings. We will always be SO PROUD of you. THANK YOU.
  •   Yuna, you are the greatest figure skater in the world!!!!! Winning is not everything for me. It’s your magnificent performance that matters to me. A true champion with a beautiful soul—– YUNA KIM!!!! We love you Queen Yuna!
  •   Regardless of the Olympics outcome, no discussion of Figure Skating will ever be complete without Yuna. Forever the gold standard.
  •   Yuna i love you and very very very thanks ♥ Amazing SP and FS you did In Turkey my family and i always support you and thanks again )
  •   Congrats to our queen Yuna!!!!
  •   Thank you Yuna for the amazing performances!!!! <3<3<3
  •   I feel so excited as well as Im Praying for Yuna’s victory! Today is your day Yuna! God bless you Queen..

Now, It’s time to reveal the truth – All about the judging scandal in women’s figure skating in Sochi 2014 Olympics



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Sochi Scandal :

Figure Skating: Leadership Crisis

Recently the ISU congress rejected a proposal, to many peoples disappointment, of abolishment of judge's anonymity.

The latest action by the ISU is considered as a total disregard of the international outrage to its corruption, only demonstrating how the ISU as a sport organization was isolated, within its own old feudalism, from the rest of figure skating world.

But even if the ISU had accepted the proposal, it wouldn't have amounted to much. It wouldn't change the direction of the ISU and its dictatorship turning a deaf ear to the voice of figure skating communities.

It wouldn't matter whether the ISU voted in favor of abolishment of judges' anonymity or against it, unless the entire leadership was replaced. In fact, under 6.0 system, judges used to openly commit fraud. Judging scandal was a perennial companion to the sport. Never has the sport been free from one scandal or another.

Two things make Sochi Olympics unique. First, it was the ISU leadership that was reponsible for the fraud. Second, it was premeditated and systematically devised for a group of judges in Sochi to destroy the judging system itself by inventing bogus GOE and bogus PCS.

In 2013 through 2014, the ISU developed a scheme in which they shamelessly advocated Julia Lipnitskaia by dumping the established COP system to the sea of arbitrarism. Based on that set-up, they tried to sell skaters of their choice.

For the ISU it was a foolproof, because the whole show had been on through the Grand Prix. So they thought they could get away with Sochi showdown. But it didn't cut. It only shows how their plot was based on quicksand.

That whole script seems good enough to make everything look legitimate but casting the washed-up actors in a show from pro-Soviet judges' sabotage of old time may not.

Despite numerous scandals in the past, the sport itself has been resilient, thriving due to its idiosyncratic affinity to art. Figure skating dramatically evolved thanks to great skaters whose vision presaged the future and their timeless contribution paved the way of the sport and ultimately decided the sport as we know it today.

What sets Sochi Scandal apart from other scandals is the ISU leadership's involvement and its systematic deception. In the past, when the international politics played dirty , it was an individual judge or judges that were politically motivated.

Of course, judges involved in Sochi are too politically oriented in that they are like minded with an agenda that Russian should rule the ladies figure skating in post Kim, but under the COP system well established in Kim's tenure, their favorites were lacking of the kind of quality that the point number they earned should have reflected, that which viewers and spectators were accustomed to.

The future of figure skating looks bleak, not because the ISU didn't sanction the proposal intended for judging accountability but because the ISU shows no sign of self-reformation as long as Ottavio Cinquanta remains in his seat.

Sochi Scandal unequivocally deprived the sport of its most needed standards that could keep skaters up in their endeavor to excel. Unless we see another star rise to revive the sport from a state of coma, it is difficult to tell what will become of the sport in the years to come.

Yuna Kim classics albums enter the Universal Music Hall of Fame


Fairy on the Ice (2008) 
Fairy on the Ice (2009) 
The Queen on Ice (2011) 
The Queen on Ice–The Classics Best Album (2014)



Congratulations, Yuna heart

Article :

Yuna Kim takes part in the KB financial group’s charitable activity for the elderly living alone

Yuna Kim participates in tree planting ceremony for ‘Forest of Wind’ with Samsung Electronics

[Forbes] 48 Heroes Of Philanthropy

Kim Yuna 23


After the Sewol ferry tragedy donated $100,000 to UNICEF to support survivors and victims’ families. Started her philanthropy back in 2007 when she first reached stardom and has given a total of $2.4 million to causes ranging from relief for victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last November and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011. Won a gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics and a silver medal this year. Now retired from skating, she supports young skaters and was instrumental in bringing the 2018 Winter Olympics to Pyeongchang. “Queen Yuna” also models, sings and hosts television shows.

Newly released Yuna Kim photos from SK telecom


SKT making film

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[June 2014 - Vogue] Yuna Kim – Une femme – Interview

The winter kingdom that the queen left is very lonely. Yuna Kim did put down her heavy crown. Last night, she successfully concluded her official retirement stage. “I feel at ease. Once the performance was over, I had dinner with the other athletes and I had my first night of full sleep in a long time.”

Stepping on a soft ground instead of the cold and slippery ice field, Yuna looked free and easy. The ice show that took place for three days at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena was the last chapter to a figure skating fairy tale that we hoped would go on forever. This was because it was dramatic that it was too hard to believe everything this girl born in the wild land of the Republic of Korea had accomplished in the past 18 years, if we’d use with the fairy tale story-telling style. Holding our breaths and watching Yuna freely soaring on the ice rink, we had this sweet dream called “a miracle that I never thought would happen to me”.

The story begins way back to the winter of 1996 when a happy family from Gunpo goes to a ice rink in Kwacheon. To 7-year-old Yuna who wore figure skates for the first time, these were “magic shoes that took me to another world”. During the holidays skating classes, kids of almost the same age gathered and mastered simple skating, steps and stroking as if they were toddling. Coach Ryu Jong Hyun noticed Yuna’s unique talent and offered her mother to turn her daughter into an athlete. Coach Ryu Jong Hyun is the one who sat with Yuna in the kiss and cry zone during the Sotchi Olympic Games, looked at the results on the board with her and gave her a warm hug. Yuna who had remained strong until her last double axel and spin of “Adios Nonino” before she left the ice showed a few tears to his words “it’s all over, Yuna-yah”. There was nothing else. It was probably because all the memories of the little girl who had watched an ice show for the first time and was so excited she had turned her living room into an ice rink to skate came back to her mind; memories from the moment she had managed to do a triple toe loop for the first time to winning the multiple battles against herself to get here today.

“The competitions I remember the most are the ones where I did well. So that would be the Olympic Games at Vancouver, at Sotchi and the 2013 World championships. These three times were the only times when both my short and free programs were completely clean.”

So what was the happiest moment when she had her skates on? “During a competition, it was when I got a satisfying result. And on Saturday nights when the training was over!”

Sundays are the days when the ice rink fairies rest. Chronic ankle pains made her want to quit the athlete life sometimes. There was also a time when she had to give up entering a competition because of a hip injury after a triple jump in a competition while her waist was bound with a pressure bandage. She fell and cried countless times. This could have been because of that. Once her score was revealed, there was a controversy, but Yuna seemed to transcend everything. “I have no regret about this. I think of this as the end because it is the end,” she calmly said during the press conference after the competition. The Korean Olympic Committee and the Korean Skating Union filed complaint to the International Skating Union for suspicions of the judging’s fairness, but the situation hasn’t reached its conclusion yet.

Apart from this headache, there were happy times waiting ahead for Yuna after the Olympic Games. Her family and friends had prepared a surprise party to celebrate the end of her athlete career. On the top of this retirement cake prepared in advance, there was a Kim Yuna wearing her red tracksuit with her three-stripped slippers and drooling over an ice cream she held with both hands.

“Clearly, I thought me being “jobless” meant plopping down on a bench with a black plastic bag and cookie crumbs by my side. All this time, I said as a joke “I’ll be jobless once the Olympic Games are over”, “I’ll become a regular citizen”. It was absurd, but it was a gift that couldn’t have been more special for me and I couldn’t have been more thankful for.”

There were funny signs on the wall to express affection for Yuna. “Even if you don’t have a job, I will hang out with you!”, “Congrats! Ordinary girl Kim Yuna”, “Welcome ordinary girl!” “I was also a queen before!”

Leaving her throne, Yuna said about herself that she was “an unemployed 25-year-old woman. Just a human being” and was no longer the figure skater. Is there another unemployed person as famous as her in this world? Kim Yuna’s cover photo shoot for Vogue was actually over!

The song “She’s so lovely” by Scouting for Girls was the background music for a lipstick commercial that Yuna was a model for a few years ago. “She looks just like them girls in Vogue.
I love the way she plays it cool.” The lyrics of the songs turned into reality. “It must look pretty, so there’s a little bit of pressure and worries.”

To be honest, every thing about the photo shoot was over at the beginning of April. It was the day when Yuna shot a commercial for J.Estina she had been working with for a long time. At that time, she had been practicing at the Taerung training center for her ice show since the morning, so she had to do two different photo shoots in this restricted period of time. Between a look inspired by “Black Swan” with a black feather in her hair as an ornament and a somehow bad punk queen look, her transformation was shocking and lovely. When we saw her, this was how we felt. When has Yuna ever shown a non-lovely image! However, it was internationally known that she was a perfectionist. The photo shoot that day was crazy like a live fashion show. A few days later, we got a phone call. Through her agency, Yuna made the careful suggestion to have another photo shoot. It seemed that she had been worrying about it for the past few days. “If it’s possible, I want to do another photo shoot. I will have the time for it and do things in the proper way. If it’s after the ice show, I will be able to adjust my schedule.” We had an emergency meeting. As a matter of fact, we had some regrets about the lack of time we had for this photo shoot. If we could do it, we were also hoping it would be a meaningful gift for Yuna who was now a retired athlete.

Less than a month later, we met Yuna again. Meanwhile, many things had happened. Hurtful situations that were extremely sad and unbelievable were still going on. The pain and the despair of the nation about the Sewol accident was turning into anger. Yuna expressed her intention to donate 100,000,000 wons through UNICEF as well as the profits of her retirement commemoration medals’ sales. “It was such a big accident and so unfortunate. It’s not just me. A lot of people joined forces.” Yuna wasn’t able to speak for a moment. She was like this too when many people faced hard times like the big earthquake in far away Haiti, the major earthquake in Japan and the typhoon in the Philippines. Yuna always makes donations. She’s been helping for a long time young boys and girls who have incurable diseases as well as young athletes coming from a difficult background but who dream to be figure skaters. Before her ice show, Yuna observed a long moment of silence to pay her respects to the victims of the Sewol ferry sinking. The 10,000 spectators mourned together. What the figure skater can do for the people full of sadness is to try her best and skate.

As the ice show opened with the OST of “Frozen”, Yuna appeared wearing a sky blue dress decorated with crystal buttons that looked like ice gems. Like a butterfly in the wind, she softly navigated on the ice like a flying snowflower.

“To be honest, I didn’t watch this movie. I heard a lot of people talk about it. Especially when I was at the Taerung training center, the young athletes liked “Let it Go” so much that they kept singing it and playing it over and over again.”

Her singing “Let it Go” in a commercial was a big issue for a while. Yet, the Elsa of the figure skating world didn’t even watch the movie!

During this show, she performed her season’s short program “Send in the clowns” and she also danced on “Turandot” that she wanted to use at least once during her athlete career. Yuna appeared with a magnificient orchestra and turned into a blood-red rose. The clapping and the shouts made the atmosphere hot like a rock concert, the ice rink melted under the emotion of the athletes and the fans.

The moment that triggered Yuna’s tears was when she went back to her dressing room before the finale. Athlete Kim Hae Jin was crying. “When others cry, you start crying too. I kept it together. I didn’t cry on the ice. After the finale, I went back to the locker room and Hae Jin was crying again. It was a big mess because we started crying together. I joked around by saying things like “are you the one retiring?”, “aren’t you like that because you love me too much?”, “am I more than a big sister to you?”. I tried to calm her down.”

Kim Hae Jin had been going to the same ice rink as Yuna since her elementary school days. She was with her at All That Sports [t/n: it's the agency founded by Kim Yuna and her mother] which showed even more the affection she had for her. They were together at the Sotchi Olympic Games. As a young athlete walking down the same path as Yuna, she knows more than anyone else how hard it is to work as an athlete for 18 years in a figure skating world where you being 20 is like turning 60, how meaningful to become the best athlete in the world in the midst of a Korean reality that there’s no ice rink exclusively for figure skaters. Only the agency representatives who were preparing the press conference were worried. Yuna was serene as she stood in front of the cameras. This time, choreographer David Wilson made Yuna cry. “Coaching Yuna in these 22 years of my life I spent being a choreographer was the most perfect time of my life. While watching her goodbye stage was sad, it was also sweet. My mother said that the reason she raised me wasn’t to keep me by her side but to send me there out there in the world. And my heart feels the same when it comes to Yuna.” That was a beautiful thought.

David had been working with Yuna for the past 8 years since she was on her way up to the senior level. He’s a talented entertainer. From the program “007″ that gave Yuna a new image as a Bond girl to the “Danse Macabre” which is still her most representative program today, the programs he created had a dramatic feeling like a musical. Yuna who used to be too shy to reveal her own emotions started expressing herself taking a step in a more mature direction when she met the free-spirited and joyful David. When they met for the first time at the Cricket Club in Toronto, Canada, they didn’t know either they would be together for such a long time. There was a genius choreographer who created original and artistic programs that broke away from the figure skating world stereotypes and there was Yuna who took things beyond with her execution. The combination between the two of them was just fantastic.

“David likes unique things and he wants to do things that others don’t like, so we sometimes had our moments of disagreements. But without David, I wouldn’t have been the one I am today. I saw him almost every day during the four years I was in Toronto. We share the same Chinese Zodiac sign with a two-cycle difference and he feels more like a friend who transcends the difference in age and nationality.”

She had many coaches, but David was the only one who constantly made the blunt ice princess laugh all the time. He was a friend she could share this human feeling of sympathy with.

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