Thank You, Love You, Queen Yuna : Goodbye and Nice to meet you!

Special Movie-Clip Event "Thank You, Love You, Queen Yuna"


Was scoring for the ladies figure skating at Sochi Olympics acceptable?

History Repeats Itself: Figure Skating Scandal in Sochi - Adelina Sotnikova, Yuna Kim

How to manipulate scores in Figure Skating? Sochi Scandal Olympic 2014, Adelina Sotnikova Yuna Kim

Is it a "coincidence" that Adelina Sotnikova and a judge journeyed the Olympic season together?


Sign the Petition!!

1. (For rejudgement)

2. (Purifying ISU Judging system)

Join 'Golden Yuna' for a change

Thank You, Love You, Queen Yuna ♥ music video event

We are welcoming you to join us in a fan-made event in which we celebrate
Yuna's graduation from her marvelous 18 years of skating in the competitive field, 
and send her off with the warmest regards, wishes and lucks for her next beautiful journey.

This event will be a two-part, each targeted for March 14 and her ice-show weekend in May.

March 14 event will include a charity event, and a release of a fan-made VIDEO
that features messages from all Yuna fans around the world. 
And it is this video event for which we would love your contribution!

Please send us an image/images that embeds the words 
"Thank You, Love You, Queen Yuna" (please use English only) 
so we can make a music video with them. 
No rule, be creative!

Please send your high resolution(no minimum for this, but higher the better) 

image by 2014 March 8th(saturday) midnight KOREAN TIME to: 


Thank you♥♥♥♥♥


These are the examples from a past event for which the featured line was "My favorite skater, Yuna"

Yuna Kim’s Facebook has reached Two Million Likes!!

Yuna Kim FB

Is it a “coincidence” that Adelina Sotnikova and a judge journeyed the Olympic season together?

>> How to manipulate scores in Figure Skating?

>> History Repeats Itself: Figure Skating Scandal in Sochi

Cheer for Yuna in Sochi Event!

Before the kickoff of the competitions, let's all cheer for our Queen Yuna on her final competition.  Send your cheer messages here on the blog, via twitter, and FB!  Before her retirement, here is your last chance to send her your cheer messages with good vibes to Yuna in Sochi!  

In the hearts of millions of fans worldwide, you are already a champion.  Yuna, we believe in you.  Regardless of the result, we wish that you enjoy the Olympics to the fullest.  Good luck and fighting!

Cheering on the blog:

FB comment here:

YunaTube is updated for iOS users!

YunaTube is a fan-made applicaiton dedicated to 2010 Olympic Champion and 2009, 2013 World Champion Yuna Kim. With this app, you can see everything about her competitive skating, ice shows, interviews, commercials, etc. This app provides all relevant clips as well as pictures with detailed information. Moreover, you can quickly search for her on major search engines! Now, explore the Olympic Champion's amazing world with YunaTube!

  What's New in Version 2.0

YunaTube is finally back for the Olympic season!
There have been a lot of changes to YunaTube since it was first released in May last year. Enjoy the figure skating world of Yuna Kim!

The 2.0 update includes

* Newly revamped design optimized for iOS7
* Added ability to leave comments on video pages
* Updated statistics and competition results
* Added a new section to leave a message for Yuna
* Improved video managing system
* Bug fixes

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