Adios Nonino in retrospect by a Chinese fan

On Adios Noninos (translated from Mandarin, written by莎莎 ) Translated by Jwxy 

This program was the finale of the Olympics games. So beautiful that it is tear inducing from the musical composition to the choreography to the execution, it showcases enormous theatrical charisma. While DW (David Wilson) chose to use this seemingly ordinary (warhorse?) score, he rather unexpectedly chose Luis Bravo’s rendition which adapts the use of the piano and the accordion and this version comes from the 90s theatre classics. In order to make this palpable for the stage, Bravo made theatrical changes to the original score; the spontaneous nature of piano jazz combined with its unbroken lyricism allows the score to exude emotional power, no one has attempted the full score before and its complex rhythmic changes and multi-faceted intersections/multi-flavored dimensions leaves one momentarily immobilized (forgetting one’s step). Not only did he dare to use this version but he chose to express its complex and layered intonations/intentions/facets to its extreme, every note is extrapolated to its fullest, every jump has a meeting/contact point with the music, every element has to be completely on the music.

His creation contains more than 25 technical and dance elements, every dance movement, dance transition or technical transition has to ride the music’s crest and crescendo, the amount of stamina this takes is unimaginable, and even more amazing is that the footwork at the end of the program contains at phenomenal speed/fast rhythm 9 different elements which needs to be accomplished within 15 seconds! And immediately following it is a double axle. Other people’s step sequence largely contain a spiral and inna bauer or slip jump, at most 3-4 movements, only Kim’s program is designed to contain 9 distinct and equally challenging moves. Although the drama and power of this piece of music deserves such chorographical interpretation/treatment, for the competitor it is exceedingly hard to control; to accomplish such unorthodox (more than the required) moves at the back end of the program which takes such stamina while still having to complete the jumps really is extraordinary. But this is the respect that should be shown to this sport and to the pursuit of artistic truth so I would like to thank DW for communicating to the audience what step sequence choreography can and should be like.

This is Yuna’s hardest program to date, in 4.5 minutes of music there are 7 rhythmic changes/switches and while the juxtaposition of fast and slow registers allows the viewer to fully indulge it leaves the performer exhausted. DW chose to recreate/move an entire theatre on ice yet with the only performer being Kim the complexity of the choreography forces one to stop and pause and I can only imagine the pressure she was under. Every segment is filled with emotional expression, the opening tango pose appears organic/natural/relaxed but remains distinctive , the musicality of the triple triple is astounding, the crossover to the left outer edge (?) entry fully interprets the musical emotion, the left outer entry steps on the lowest note and that sense of musical and emotional authencity is full and precise, the triple triple from take off to landing seemingly dances on the piano note and it is this symmetry between rhythm and expression/emotion that allows music and the performance to become one.

This program is truly outstanding; it fully expresses the passion of the tango, the spontaneous freedom of jazz , the lyricism of the lover/ballad. No other program contains such theatrical force/power. There can be no program more suitable for her swansong and just like what DW said only Kim can do it justice. That kind of strength, control, rhythmic awareness, musical sensitivity, fluidity, presence, emotional nuance belongs to her alone. This program well dazzle in my memory for a long time. Too me artistic truth/excellence is defined by integrity/honesty/commitment and that is exactly what this program communicates.

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Yuna Kim’s Let it go

Sung by Yuna Kim
Chorus by Cute angels


The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation
And it looks like I'm the queen

It's time to see what I can do 
To test the limits and break through 
No right, no wrong, no rules for me 
I'm free 

Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry 
Here I stand and here I'll stay 
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway


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Farewell Yuna Kim : Retirement Montage (from China with love)

Tribute to a great person

1. The Lark Ascended 云雀已高飞
2. Blades of Glory 荣耀之刃
3. Age of innocence 纯真年代
4. The Giving Tree 奉献树
5. The One
6. Adios Gracias 再见 谢谢


[Universal music] ‘Figure Skating Queen’ Yuna Kim with a her Classic music – Yuna Kim The Queen on Ice : The Classics Best Album

This album contains all the classic music, that made new history in figure skating, along with Yuna Kim!

Not only the program music of Yuna Kim for 2014 Sochi Olympics, "Send in the Clowns" by 'Stephen Sondheim' and "Adiós Nonino" by Astor Piazzolla, but also all 12 classic music Yuna Kim skated with since 2003 are in this album.

13 reference classic, selected by Yuna Kim, and bonus DVD of video from 2010-2011 All That Skate ice show!
Booklet, containing 70 beautiful pages with her variety of pictures, hard cover package, and 2CD+DVD!
Everything is gathered together for you!

Adiós YUNA, the best music present from Yuna Kim as she leaves the ice behind!

Released by Universal music from March 21st, 2014. 

※ 앨범 구성 Product Details
- 2CD 
- 아이스쇼 영상 (Bonus DVD)
- 부클릿 70p (Booklet 70p)

CD 1
01. Sviridov: Old Romance / 스비리도프: ‘눈보라’ 중 올드 로망스 (2003-2004 시즌 쇼트 프로그램)
02. Bizet: Carmen Suite No.1 – Seguedille / 비제: 카르멘 모음곡 1번 중 – 세기디야 (2003-2004 시즌 프리 스케이팅)
03. Vaughan-Williams: The Lark Ascending / 본 윌리엄스: 종달새의 비상 (2006-2007 시즌 프리 스케이팅)
04. J. Strauss Ⅱ: Die Fledermaus Op.362 – Overture / 요한 슈트라우스 2세: 박쥐 서곡 (2007-2008 시즌 쇼트 프로그램)
05. Saint-Saens: Danse de macabre Op.40 / 생상스: 죽음의 무도 (2008-2009 시즌 쇼트 프로그램)
06. Rimsky-Korsakov: Sheherazade Op.35 – 2 Lento / 림스키-코르사코프: 세헤라자데 2악장, 렌토 (2008~2009 시즌 프리 스케이팅)
07. Massenet: Meditation from 'Thais' / 마스네: '타이스' 중에서 명상 (2010 갈라 프로그램)
08. Gershwin: Piano Concerto F Major / 거쉰: 피아노 협주곡 F장조 (2010 프리 스케이팅)
09. Bond On Bond / 제임스 본드 테마 – Bond On Bond (2010 쇼트 프로그램)
10. Adam: Giselle – The Introduction / 아돌프 아당: 지젤 (2010-2011 시즌 쇼트 프로그램)
11. Sondheim: Send In The Clowns / 스티븐 손드하임: 어릿광대를 보내주오 (2013-2014 쇼트 프로그램)
12. Piazzolla : Adios Nonino / 피아졸라: 아디오스 노니노 (2013-2014 프리 프로그램)

CD 2
01. Waldteufel : The Skaters, Waltz / 발트토이펠 : 왈츠, 스케이트 타는 사람들
02. Debussy : Reverie / 드비쉬 : 꿈
03. Barber : Adagio for Strings / 바버 : 현을 위한 아다지오
04. Rachmaninov : Symphony No.2 in E minor 3. Adagio / 라흐마니노프 : 교향곡 2번 E단조 3악장 아다지오
05. Elgar : Salut D’amour / 엘가 : 사랑의 인사
06. J. Strauss Ⅰ: Radetzky March Op.288 / 요한 슈트라우스 1세: 라데츠키 행진곡
07. Mozart: Allegro from ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusik’ K.525, 1.Allegro / 모차르트: ‘아이네 클라이네 나흐트무지크’ 1악장 알레그로
08. Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.5 in G minor / 브람스 : 헝가리 무곡 5번
09. Shostakovich: Romance (The Gadfly) / 쇼스타코비치 : 로망스 (The Gadfly)
10. Chopin: Etude Op.25 No.3 in F major / 프레데릭 쇼팽 : 에튀드 3번
11. Catalani : La Wally ‘Quando A Solden / 카탈라니 : 라 왈리 中 ‘언제쯤 솔덴에서’
12. Gershwin: Summer Time / 조지 거쉰 : 서머타임
13. Piazzolla: Libertango / 피아졸라: 리베르탱고

Bonus DVD
01. Massenet: Meditation from 'Thais' / 마스네: '타이스' 중에서 명상 (from 2010 All That Stake Summer)
02. Adam: Giselle – No.10 Andante sostenuto / 아당: 지젤 발레곡 10번 (from 2011 All That Skate Spring)

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[SBS-Interview] Yuna Kim: Putting Down the Weight

SBS's Sun-Young Park and figure skating analyst Sang-Ah Bang interviewed Yuna Kim at the Medal Plaza after she became a two-time Olympic medalist at the 2014 Sochi Olympics following her gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Already having achieved her dream of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Yuna Kim wanted to give the up and rising skaters of Korea the opportunity to have the Olympic experience as well. 
By winning the gold medal at the 2013 World Championships, she earned 3 spots for Korea at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, giving Korea the chance to send three "Team Korea" members to the Olympics for the first time in figure skating history. 

Not only does she have the unprecedented career of placing on the podium for every single competition and posting multiple world-record scores, Queen Yuna is a known philanthropist and a global ambassador for UNICEF. 
And she is retiring with the 2014 Sochi Olympics. 

Her father calls this the "Independence Day for Yuna Kim," a day that marks the end of her long journey of figure skating which began when she was a child.
And she wishes that that all will remember "that figure skater named Yuna Kim."

The tears that she shed are not tears of anger against the questionable scores from the judges or the color of the medal, but tears of farewell from "the figure skater known as Yuna Kim" and tears of relief and expectation for the beginning of a new chapter for this beautiful young woman. 

Here is to hoping that no one will misunderstand the meaning of her tears, and that the support will continue for this skater standing at the footsteps of a big turning point in her life.



(*SBS's figure analyst Sang-Ah Bang has been commentating since 1993 when the Junior World Championships were held in Korea for the first time. 
She has been a part of the broadcast team for figure skating competitions for a long time, including the 2007 season when Yuna Kim first debuted onto the senior stage.)

Open letter to Kim Yuna

Dear Kim Yuna,

As a young boy, I grew up listening to numerous inspiring and heart wrenching stories pertaining to sports. As my father so very passionately narrated them to me, I would listen with absolute attention to every detail. There was Wilma Rudolph, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and, many others. These individuals continue to inspire me, and assure me that there are wondrous things that can be pursed and achieved, if there is a burning desire within.

Although I had reckoned how great you are, merely through the passionate talks of my friend, I was never much acquainted wholly with your surreal grace. I remember the look of pride and awe in the eyes of my Korean friend, as she described your personality which personifies greatness.

However, in 2012, I was shown a video of your performance at the Vancouver Olympics, by my Korean friend.  That was one of the most profoundly touching performances that I had ever come across, and with every movement of yours which was executed to absolute perfection, I was overwhelmed with feelings of admiration and inspiration.

Being the sports fanatic that I am, such performances do not deliver momentary emotional arousal, but persist like burdock burrs on the soul. Thus, I instantly seemed to be hooked onto videos of your performances at various occasions such as the Korean National Championships, and, the World Championships. The sophistication and elegance of a prima ballerina, coalesced with the determination of an athlete which you possess is what captivates me the most.

You are an embodiment of perfection, as you move so effortlessly on the ice. Be it the James Bond tune or the Concerto in F by George Gershwin, your charisma and artistic ability, is legendary. Unlike any other figure skater, your performances seem so accomplished in technique and passion, that it captivates the viewer to be completely immersed in the beautiful story that that you weave on ice. If they call you a ‘Queen’, it is for no abstract reason, but because of the innumerable lives you have touched, and continue to do so, through your heart rendering performances. You are the beau ideal of grace, and thus irrespective of the fact that I reside in India and am much nescient of figure skating, my admiration and respect for you is supreme.

An Olympic gold and silver medalist, a two-time World champion, a three-time Grand Prix Final Champion and six-time South Korean national is what the record books will state, but, the significance of your achievements in having a lasting impact on humanity is indelible.

I watched your performance at the Olympics this year live on television, and I was completely baffled by the level of perfection you bring to the rink every single time. I sat through all the other seemingly unattractive performances, and waited impatiently for your closing performance. Although I was greatly disappointed at the most treacherous panel of judges at Sochi, who managed to give away the gold medal to Sotnikova, your perfect performance was enchanting like always.

The changing scoring system is highly obnoxious, and even though it was sad to know about your decision to retire, I think when you say you are “glad that it’s over”, it is only be-fitting for a champion like you, to be distant from such scandalous elements which are penetrating the old glory of sports.

The most astonishingly amusing aspect about the Russian crowd at Sochi during the figure-skating event was how, everybody just drifted into a state of nervous silence, thus exemplifying the level of intimidation that overcomes your rivals.

The very next day, I watched your breath taking performance at the Gala show. Each word of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon, seemed to light up with every graceful move of yours.

You came in as a champion, and you left as a Queen, with a flawless career, which is a testament to your beauty, skill, grace, professionalism, and unmatched consistency. Hence, your legacy stands to invigorate generations to achieve impossible things, and your story of excellence shall forever inspire.

Therefore, as you bid adieu to the world of skating, I wish you the best of life, brimming with the very same joy and happiness that you managed to bring to the live of countless individuals all across the globe.


Yuna Kim at LG Saffron fan signing event



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