Memories of Harvard one year ago…


This time of the year, in most part of the world–the foliages on greeneries turns golden and one by one they fall to the ground while nature embraces the coming winter.  
Year after year, all of these changes are too normal and too familiar.  However, one year ago, an event intervene our yearly routine.  
For some reason, this feeling of nostalgic, like a lasting fragrace, would surface like a shadow.  They say things change as time moves forward, but the unchanging season once again reminded us what we did not too long ago during this time.  It was An Evening with Champions in Harvard and it will be one year ago this coming Oct 15th.  But it all seemed not too long ago, not too distant in memory. time flies :)
Fans who were able to attend the event must have some  kind of recollection of that day.  I am not sure if your memories whispers at you that something happened last year around this time but if you attended the event, do you remember that experience, that day at that moment?  For example: how you managed to arrive in Boston and what you did to make it to the ice rink.   I am sure many memories were created whether you got to sit in the bleachers watching Yuna from afar or got to take a photo in the group along with her  during the evening banquet.    Those are some precious memories to treasure for a lifetime since you are a Yuna fan.  I am sure everyone who went there that day can't deny how wonderful it was.
So this photo collage is to refresh our memories what Boston/Harvard looked like that day:

To Yuna, Happy Birthday ~All That Yuna

Our gift delivered!

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Here are photos of the finish product:




Happy Birthday Yuna Kim!

Sept 5th will be Yuna's birthday.  Happy Birthday Yuna!  

Photos of All That Skate Summer 2012 (Aug. 24-26)

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Breaking News: Yuna’s new program for 2012-2013 season revealed!!!

Yuna's new short program is Kiss of the Vampires and free skate is Le Miserable!!!!


The World’s Highest-Paid Female Athletes by Forbes

The 2010 Olympic champion sat out the 2011-12 skate season, but plans to return for the 2012-13 season with the goal of skating in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Kim is the headliner in the All That Skate figure skating show. The South Korean played a key role in attracting the 2018 Winter Olympics to Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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