David Wilson, Kim Yu-na’s Choreographer


Arirang TV has chosen David Wilson as person of the day on their homepage.  

They also did an interview with David.  Watch to see what David has to say about Yuna and the future!

Post credits to: ArirangTV


  1. Avatar of Jorg

    Un gran respeto para David Wilson :bow: (Hi Mr. Wilson :mrgreen: ) El ha hecho un gran trabajo haciendo espectaculares coreografias para Yuna Kim y todavía lo sigue haciendo :10:

  2. Avatar of Loveleeyuna Loveleeyuna says:

    I am eagerly anticipating this video, I don’t know why. The one at DC took a long time to load so I just gave up.

  3. Avatar of Loveleeyuna Loveleeyuna says:

    I am thankful to David for always supporting Yuna through thick and thin. He is right, Yuna owes no one and is not obligated to compete or do anything that she doesn’t feel like it. Yuna will do what she thinks is good for her.

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