Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry Episode 8

Lee, Ah-Hyun

Son, Dambi


Kim, Byung-Man

Final Result


  1. Avatar of gnij gnij says:

    more flashes from today’s show, go to Kiss and Cry sticky

  2. Avatar of gnij gnij says:

    Protocol :-D Credits to VANITAS, DC gallery

  3. Avatar of gnij gnij says:

    Lee, ji-eun is IU’s original name. :cry:

  4. Avatar of Loveleeyuna Loveleeyuna says:

    Thanks so much for bringing them here. Can’t wait to watch these. :love:

  5. thanks for bringing this here, jing….

    awww.. it’s sad to see IU go… she was adorable in her playful and humble ways like Yuna…

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