Letter to an Angel


  1. Avatar of gnij gnij says:

    beautiful….Giulia….. it is poetic….. thank you for sharing your love letter to Yuna.

  2. Hiks.. I miss Yuna. And this video makes me misses Yuna even more… :cry: :cry:

  3. Avatar of Loveleeyuna Loveleeyuna says:

    This is really beautiful Giulia. I love it. Did you play the piano pc too? I hope someday to have my very own story like yours…..thank you for sharing dear :)

  4. Avatar of ChWR

    beautiful music and words…you saw Yuna live! I’m so jealous! :mrgreen: btw, I thought you live in Italy? did you went to France to watch Yuna?

  5. Avatar of Jorg

    Thank Giulia is beautiful :lol:

  6. very touching letter, mi cara amica.. i’ll listen to the sounds later.. =)

  7. beautiful music… =) did ryo play that? :-P

  8. Avatar of Yuna4ever Yuna4ever says:

    beautiful music.. very impressed with your letter emoticon

  9. Avatar of Giulia Penna Giulia Penna says:

    Dear friends, after this long intense day I’m to dislike my own creation as always >.< , but what counts to me the most is that its meaning reached you and for that meaning, the video is worth. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
    Smitty: Ryo would kill to be able to play like that, and he keeps telling me that so many times that i'm almost get obsessed. The performer is his idol, the legendary Canadian pianist Glenn Gould http://bestmediaportal.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/glenn-gould-the-essential-glenn-gould-posted-lincop-1.jpg

  10. :-D i see.. thanks for the info mi cara amica.. :-P it sounded like ryo, i’m pretty sure he can do it also with just a bit of practice.. :-P

  11. by the way, mi cara amica.. why don’t you post this in yt too? =)

  12. At first, I thought perhaps it was Ryo too. :D
    Can you believe that I watched it few times already? =p
    The Letter to an Angel is indeed heartwarming and it touches me.

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